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It is an honour for us to have an impact on people who will have an impact on the world.  Every leader, no matter how big or small their team has influence and impact.  It is our passion to be able to open up space for our leaders or future leaders to embed new leadership skills in our ever-changing world.

We collaborate. We customise. We Care.

We also partner with other training organisations. Qualifications and potential funding available if desired.



As we get more connected technologically,  we seem to get more disconnected with ourselves and our bodies.  Finding balance, reducing stress and staying healthy is a constant battle for many.  This is affecting our workplaces, as well as our personal lives. 

We tailor design workplace resilience programs to not only help with change management but to help organisations take a proactive approach towards digital transformation.

We also collaborate with yoga, mindfulness and meditation teachers.



Let's get straight to the point here.  There are many rolling aspects involved in developing a high performing cohesive team. Performance and cohesion come hand in hand.  At the root of any high performing, team is trust.  But how do you get team members to trust each other?

We design and deliver team coaching programs to help with this very question.  We work with a model that has trust at its core and results as the outcome.

We also deliver gallup team strengths coaching, DiSC personality profiling and Genos Emotional Intelligent workshops.



We study human nature and use our knowledge to help others.  Molly Roche founded Octave Temple with the single intention of helping increase self-awareness in others.  Octave Temple focuses on increasing awareness in teams and individuals by delivering human skills training and coaching.  We love to collaborate, innovate and deliver team, leadership and well-being programs

We use many concepts, models and frameworks within our teachings.  We even design our own. We use principles from neuroscience, emotional intelligence, quantum physics and like everyone else, we google stuff.  Our teachings in the field of human skills is our way of helping to balance out the fast-changing digital world we live in.  We like to think our programs are engaging and fun but we are aware enough to know that it depends on whom you ask. ;)

Developing awareness in an infinite journey and this is why we know our work will never be done.  Whether you are a leader, future leader, team manager or well-being officer, we can co-create a program to suit your needs. We are always up for a chat.


We split ourselves between Sydney and Hobart but we do travel nationally

Enquiries to:

Phone: 0488 450 845

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